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Your shoes should become a functioning part of your pedorthic care; following these simple instructions will ensure that they are that.

1 - When you get home with your new shoes, if they are not already in them, place your inserts in the shoes. While wearing socks, put your shoes on and wear them on carpeting for about 30 to 60 minutes.

2 - Remove your socks and shoes and scan your foot for any areas of redness to indicate the shoe may be rubbing your skin.

3 - Once you’ve made sure the shoes aren’t rubbing your skin (by seeing any sign of redness), you can wear them around the house for a day or two, checking for areas of redness each time you take them off.

4 - Once you’ve made sure you’re not having any issues with the shoes, you can wear them outside the house.

5 - Remember, even after this break-in period, you should always check your feet and shoes every day for anything that looks out of the ordinary.
Following these simple steps of proper and regular shoe maintenance will help prolong the life of your I-Runner.

1 – Clean any dirt off of the shoe upper and outsole with a damp cloth. Allow time to dry.

2 – The shoe lining and insert can be sprayed with your favorite shoe disinfectant spray found at most retail stores.

3 – Never put your I-Runner in a washing machine and/or dryer.
All our shoes are shipped with a prepaid return label in the box making our “no questions” returns easy.

Simply fill-out the return information and using the shipping label, return the shoes to us.

For other items such as K5 or orthopedics certain restrictions apply to the return. You may need to contact customer service via phone or email to make sure the item qualifies for a return.
Typically, orders placed before 2:30 pm EST will ship the same day. Shipping from Indiana the turnaround time is but a matter of days. If you have any questions as to the turnaround time of an order, you can contact the customer service department by phone at 317-228-1144 or email at orders@irunners.com.