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  • Display Rack


    I-Runner Shoe Display Rack

    This dual-sided wood rack is wheeled so you can easily reposition and move it. It can hold up to 7 shoes on each side.

    • Height: 61"
    • Width: 18" wide and deep

    $199 for the display, top sign, shelves and display shoes.

  • Wall Display


    I-Runner Wall Display Kit

    If you display your shoes on a slatwall, the Wall Display would be the option for you. We send you our display shoes and I-Runner branded acrylic shelves to display them on.

    $99 for the shelves and display shoes.

  • Wall Sign


    I-Runner Wall Sign

    This 8" x 16" wall sign can also serve as a poster. It's printed on a thick but pliable 20 mil. Styrene material, which means it will hold up and look good no matter what the condition.

    Limit 2 per location

  • Window Sticker


    I-Runner Window Cling

    This 5" sqaure window cling can be placed the door or windows to let perspective customs that yes, you do sell I-Runner shoes.

    Limit 1 per location

  • Catalog


    I-Runner Catalog

    You can download a PDF of the I-Runner Catalog here, or give a call and order a handful for your store.

  • Brochure


    I-Runner Consumer Brochure

    You can order these in packs of 25. These trifold brochures have a spot for you to stamp and sticker over with your information so your customer or patient can take this brochure home with them but still have all of your contact information.

  • Custom Marketing


    Custom made just for you!

    We can create custom designed pieces just for your store. Whether an exisiting piece of literature or something brand new, we can create it for you.

    Call for more details

  • Orthopedic Catalog


    Healer Ortho Catalog

    For those that sell orthopedic products we also have a complete line of Healer Orthopedics. You can take a look at a PDF of the catalog here or give a call and we can send a physical copy out to you.


Fitting I-Runner shoes with a Brannock device

Prepare the Brannock

Start with setting the width bar to its widest position and the arch length indicator slid back, so the foot can be positioned easily on the device.

Position the foot

Have the customer remove their footwear and stand, placing their right heel into the right heel cup. The customer should stand with equal weight on both feet to ensure that the foot being measured has elongated and spread to its maximum size.

Heel-to-Toe length

Press the toes flat against the base of the device and look straight down over the longest toe (not necessarily the first toe) to read toe length. Make sure the customer's socks are snug against the toes (without drawing the toes back) to yield an accurate measurement.

Heel-to-Ball length

Place your thumb on the ball joint of the foot and slide the pointer forward so the inside curve of the pointer fits the ball joint of the foot. When the pointer is properly located, the lower middle rib will be against the ball joint on the side of the foot. This yields the arch measurement.

The correct I-Runner size

Compare the arch length to the heel-to-toe length. Generally you'll use the larger of the two measurements as the correct shoe size. If the arch length and heel-to-toe length are the same, this will be the shoe size. If the heel-to-toe length is larger than the arch length, then fit to the heel-to-toe size. If arch length is larger than heel-to-toe, then fit to arch length.

It is important that both measurements be taken and compared to find the proper shoe size. Simply using the heel-to-toe length may result in an improper fit. In this instance both the toe length and the ball length match, so the size would be 9. In the event they do not match, you can reference chart for the proper size.


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