The Diabetic Foot

Diabetes is a disease resulting from insulins inability to function normally on a daily basis. Approximately 33 million Americans are affected by diabetes. For adults, type 2 diabetes or adult onset diabetes, is defined by raised blood sugars, often in people who are overweight or have not maintained a proper diet. The vascular system, including the eyes, kidneys, legs and feet, can all be affected by diabetes. Paying special attention to their feet is paramount for people with diabetes. The Recommended I-Runner Products panel can provide a good starting point for those wanting to improve their foot health.

Four million Americans will develop foot problems related to diabetes. One of the biggest problems is diabetic neuropathy, which can cause a loss of ability to feel cold, heat or pain in general. Because of that insensitivity, those suffering from neuropathy may not be aware when they develop pressure sores, cuts, or blisters. While these are minor injuries, complications can occur if they are left untreated. Those complications could be anything from ulceration or even amputation. Deformities such as bunions, hammer toes and charcot feet are also a result of neuropathy. The risk of serious foot conditions can be reduced when the diabetic takes proper and preventative care of their feet. Using a product like K5’s Diabetic Formula can play a large role in maintaining proper foot health.
Peripheral vascular disease is another major issue with diabetes as it impedes blood circulation. Decreased circulation in the lower legs and feet is a result of the narrowing of arteries. Due to the reduced amount of nutrition and oxygen being supplied to the legs and feet injuries often heal more slowly. Swelling and dryness of the foot is also a symptom of poor circulation. Using K5 Diabetic Formula can help restore some of the lost nutrition to the area, thus reducing the risk of developing ulcers, infections and other foot conditions.
Diabetic footwear and orthotics play an important role in reducing the risk of further damaging the diabetic foot, while K5 Diabetic formula skin care can actually help repair and reduce existing damage. Orthotics designed with a Plastazote base, such as our Cloud insole, is recommended as they reduce pressure hot spots. Footwear specifically designed for diabetics, featuring a high and wide toe box, rocker soles, firm heel counter and depth for removable insoles is one of the most important things you can do for your foot. K5 Diabetic formula is more than just skin care, as it can reduce nerve damage and repair damaged skin, and should be used in conjunction with diabetic shoes and insoles.

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