Healer- a complete line of orthopedics

I-Runner's Healer line of orthopedics offers a full selection of quality orthopedic products, with a spotlight on the lower extremity items such as post-op shoes and ankle walkers. The items below are just a small selection of our products.

Victory Spine Brace

Indicated for post-operative stabilization protocol following spinal fusion, laminectomy/laminotomy, foraminotomy, laproscopic disk replacement, IDET procedures, multi-level decompression. This one-pull adjustment makes tightening and loosening the back brace simple and easy.

Healer Air Walker

The Healer Air Walker provides maximum stability and support following injury or post-operative procedures. 

Examples of Use 
• Acute ankle sprains 
• Soft tissue injuries 
• Stable lower leg, foot and ankle fractures 
• Post-operative use

ROM Walker

The ROM Walker provides protected range-of-motion following injury or post-operative procedures.

Examples of Use
• Acute ankle sprains
• Soft tissue injuries
• Stable lower leg, foot and ankle fractures
• Post-operative use following
• Achilles tendon repair

OA Restore

Utilizing the most innovative materials and design, our lightweight, low profile OA Restore Knee Braces are designed for patients suffering from medial or lateral compartmental osteoarthritis. They feature a Dynamic Unloading Hinge, which provides a varus or valgus force to increase the load in terminal extension. This is accomplished by lengthening the strut on the affected side, changing the angle of the brace.

Air/Gel Stirrup Ankle

The Air/Gel Stirrup Ankle provides stability and support to unstable or injured ankles.

Product Features
• Polypropylene outer shells are anatomically contoured to fit right or left. 

• Air/gel bladder, lined with soft foam, provides medial/lateral support and  may be used for cold therapy treatment. 
• A soft, adjustable foot piece connects the shells.

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