K5 Skin Nutrition

Even if we eat healthy foods, there are numerous reasons why our skin may not receive those nutrients. But with I-Runner’s K5 Skin Nutrition, nutrients are delivered directly to your skin, providing nourishment at a cellular level to repair and rejuvenate your skin. With daily use, skin cell turnover is dramatically enhanced so that your skin remains healthy.


K5 offers two formulas which can be purchased without a prescription. The diabetic formula uses ingredient proven to help reduce nerve pain, while the restorative formula firms and tightens loose and sagging skin.


K5 contains over 20 naturally occurring vitamins and minerals. It has more vital nutrients, and at higher levels, than any other topical skin care product on the market today.

Diabetic Formula

with PEA for nerve pain

In clinical test trials, PEA has been shown to perform a variety of biological functions related to chronic pain, neuropathic pain and inflammation. 

Download our whitepaper

To read the entire whitepaper including the methodology of testing, reading more about the patients and seeing before and after images, for all four cases click here.

Restorative Formula

with Maca Root for anti-aging

Maca Root helps fight free radicals, increase collagen and even repair skin damage and reduce inflammation. Many popular cosmetic anti-aging creams contain Maca.

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For more information and to see more before and after pictures, be sure to download the Restorative Formula sales sheet here.

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